Monday, September 10, 2007

PS3 update v1.9013895619384

the title is just a joke, if you don't get it, clearly you don't own a psp or ps3, good for you if you don't. The point is, lair sucks, so i sold it, warhawk is good, nono, great, so i kept it. I thought i'd let the internets know. Im starting to get pretty good at warhawk, im only a wingman, if i could figure out how the hell the ranking system works, or if its still bugged id be higher up, but no matter how hard and how good i do, i never rank up. Ah well. So, if any out there is going to take my opnion, or want's a second opinion, don't buy lair, i mean, its worth playing, its probably the best looking next gen game ever. The sound is some of the best stuff ive ever heard. I read some where, and they put it best, lair is a great game to watch, not so much to play.

Ya i know, my perception on lair totally changed, but hey, its a free country, i can change my idears when i want's to. Soo, before i go on any longer, rent lair, its worth the play, Buy warhawk, its worth the stay... or something.

i guess ill keep on going with the pics, here is a random pic of the big MC from some sort of holo..... hilo....hato...... some game... i can't remember, apparently like it sold 1000 copies in a day. i hear its pretty good.

casual weekday gaming

back in school mean less gaming for me at least ( especially seeing as i don't play WoW anymore). But, with a new psp comes some good ol' portable gaming, a few hours here and there. Any way, i picked up Jean D'arc for said psp, and its pretty good. Anime cut scenes are slick, in game graphics are o.k, and its a all around good tactic game. Not better then fire emblem, hell, not even close, that game is even better then final fantasy tactics in my opinion, but that well probably change when lion war is out... some time in October, don't quote me on that, but yeah. Here is a pick of Jean D'arc. What are you playing this week?