Monday, October 1, 2007

Bungie goes buh buy to its daddy

the news around the internet tubes today seems to be bungie centric. News is flying left and right! (and south too, but north, oh no, not north at all) Bungie, according to a few peoples, is seperating from Microsoft. Well this mean halo 4 for the nintendo wii? course not! Wel... Perhaps, but probably not. Im pretty sure Microsoft owns halo, or at least a majority stock hold or something at bungie to make something like that just not possible, but it could mean the next big bungie game is going, probably if anywhere, sony side.

But, in my so very professional opinion, even if they do separate, we well see a halo 4 developed internally by Microsoft before then end of the 360's life span, or a close launch for the next gen. Bungie well go one to make another huge hit, or a amazing game with no sales. As for which platform, who can say? my guess, is if they are really separating, they well develop for the ps3.