Thursday, October 25, 2007


no megadeth in guitarhero 3

Well, i guess there is still hope for some DLC megadeth for the game, but hopefully rockband doesn't let me down! :P

in some other news, spyro the drgn hit the psn today, for 6 bucks, so im getting it, cause spyro was fun, but i had a n64

Monday, October 22, 2007

the synopsis of the 40gb ps3, and sony's holiday thought

ok, so by now, im sure your aware of the 40gb ps3, or at least aware of the ps3's multiple sku line up.
First, there was the 20gb, a lesser model of the 60gb, taking away the wireless internet capabilities, and memory card slots, for a slashed price at launch. However now the 20gb, offerd from many retailers at around 370 bucks, seems like a ok deal.

Now, the big sister to this, but still the little sister to the full featured 80gb model, is the 40gb. The 40gb gives you your wireless enter-nets, but still no memory card functionallity, and, heres the kicker
no ps2 backwards compatability
and here is where it gets wtf
full ps1 backwards compatability.

the 40gb ps3 is offered, at a market competetive price, of 399.99, obviously to compete with the 360 for the holiday. With this, is also a 100 dollar price cut for the ps3 80gb sku.
Allegedly, there is going to be a drop on the ps2 price to 90 dollars as well for the holiday.

So here is how i see things. They are giving you a great entry level price, to get the most advanced next gen system on the market. However, sony knows that the ps2 is running on its last few years, and this, to me, seems like a move, to keep people buying ps2's so the sales stay strong.

Sysnopsis, copmlete!
Sysnopsis is not a type, its a word i just made up..... yea

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Guitar hero 3 almost completly told

the wikipedia exert for guitar hero 3,
shows a total of
but no megadeth, and for me, that makes me a sad panda.

Monday, October 15, 2007

slow week

im sure a bunch of games are slowly being pumped out, but... nothing good!
the new ps3 40gb sku comes in a chocolate brown..... thats about all the exciting news i can think of. Oct 28th is shipping date for guitar hero 3.... yay!

also i guess

Mark Oleski! now on facebook! add me to freinds, and ill maybe gladly accept maybe perhaps

Saturday, October 13, 2007

this is what a smash bros game for sony would look like

although its not trying to be a smash bros game at all, its what i got out of it,
it is some guy who made this, and its just simply amazing. There are some parts however where you can't really tell what going on, and yuna and rikku kinda kick ass until the end.

dead fantasy

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

sonic in a mario game?

from sega vs nintendo to.... well..... sega vs nintendo.
well i guess its not that obscure that sonic the hedgehog is now in ssbb, due to the shock that was solid snake. But ive always kidna wanted sonic in there, so im hapy none the less. This next smash bros well also have online co-op. So we well have the sony giant that is snake, vs mario from nintendo fame, vs segas mascot sonic, vs............ kirby? well, im sure if it was a REAL fight, sonic would probably run in a circle real fast, while mario jumps on kirby and snake is in the bush, hiding until he shoots everyone. or something like that. Sonic and Snake, probably the two coolest characters to add to the game, although snake doesnt fit to well...

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

boring week

new 360 bundle,
just take the normal bundle, and add forza 2, and marvel UA
boring? yes!
ipod touch
just take the normal iphone, and take away all the cool stuff
boring? yes! well sell like fack? oh! of course!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

sony stabs your wallet, at the cost of making them selves look like retards

To every one who has a "next-gen" console, ps3 isnt probably the one you have. Chances are infact, you either have a ps2, or a 360. If you have a ps2, your probably looking to get a ps3, but so far, they have been a: too expensive, and b: not enough games that are good to get one.
well, good news!
A: new ps3 sku, 40gb, pretty much fuse the 60 and 20 together, and you get the picture, its got hdmi, and wifi, but no card slots, and only 2 usb ports, (2? why? dunno?) and oddly enough no fucking backwards compatability..... the cost, a very reasonable 399.99 The point of this is, if you are a sony fan, like myself, well, this seems to be the best way to jump into next gen.

B: ratchet, EOJ, Guitarhero 3, Uncharted, Folklore, Assassins creed, call of duty 4, while these titles are not all first party, where you can get them on the 360, its still a good reason to get next gen.

Friday, October 5, 2007

bungie confirms they are jerks... kinda

bungie confirmed they are no longer one with MS. But said things like " oh i love ms, they rock, and are very nice to us ect ect, all bs ive already heard from david jaffe) (PS: if you don't know who david jaffe is, your out of the loop) ANYWAY, bungie pretty much said they plan to make games for the 360, cause they claim they are signing / signed a contract or something along the lines of that with ms. So, 360 fans, do not be afraid, all this really means in the long run is pretty much 3 things.

1. Halo well probably take longer to make, cause bungie sets there own deadlines now.
2. Longer breaks between development periods (ie halo 3 - halo 4)
3. Less chance of external expansion (ie: no random studio in germany for no reason to develope a game)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bungie goes buh buy to its daddy

the news around the internet tubes today seems to be bungie centric. News is flying left and right! (and south too, but north, oh no, not north at all) Bungie, according to a few peoples, is seperating from Microsoft. Well this mean halo 4 for the nintendo wii? course not! Wel... Perhaps, but probably not. Im pretty sure Microsoft owns halo, or at least a majority stock hold or something at bungie to make something like that just not possible, but it could mean the next big bungie game is going, probably if anywhere, sony side.

But, in my so very professional opinion, even if they do separate, we well see a halo 4 developed internally by Microsoft before then end of the 360's life span, or a close launch for the next gen. Bungie well go one to make another huge hit, or a amazing game with no sales. As for which platform, who can say? my guess, is if they are really separating, they well develop for the ps3.