Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slow weekend,... for anouncments that is

Well, heavenly sword was a success, a short one, but one indeed, im going in my second play threw, which should be fun enough. Kai is the coolest character ever. Anywho, the only realy kinda cool thing, i guess, was the ninja gaiden 2 video. TBH, it sucked, it looks just like a small graphical improvment on sigma, with like 1 new dash move, and a new-ish weapon ( a scythe thing). It would have be awesome to see something NEW to the game, ( like how god of war 2 showed the pegasus) but hey, cant have success in every game. The game is no longer tecmo, and team ninja isnt as fully involved, so the entire game could go haywire, but probably not. ANYWHO. thats all for this week.