Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pick of the month

Starting now,
Pick of the month, one game that stands out above the rest
another thats well worth looking at
and a third party title (if one is not the top pick) that deserves a play

Winner is......


The big
The Mean
The awesome machine that is halo 3, can there be anyother in a month where this is released
A solid end to a Solid franchise is a yes.
A great buy is a yes
great multiplayer, good campagin, ok graphics
this game could have been a 2d side scroller and still sold due to over hypedness, but hey, its good. Im just tired of talking about it, SO LET IT BE KNOWN, THIS IS MY LAST POST FOCUSING ON HALO

another good title to note
Heavenly sword for the ps3

The third party title of the month
skate for the 360 and the ps3

Skate is Gr8

title should tell you what i think of the game.
well... its good, not amazing, really fun to go off the x-games mega ramp with a friend.

In some actual news for a change,

Rock band has a now confirmed price of 169.99 americano dollaro.

There was a few songs announced for both rock band and guitar hero, probably best to check the wiki pages for both via wikipedia.

roughly 3 days till phantom hour glass for ds, if any one was interested

halo 3 sold... waht was it now, like 170 million, day one, in the u.s.
that compared to there seemingly measly 10 million advertising campagin seems like money well spent.

also, if any one knows when the next resistance fall of man tournament, online is, id very much apperciate a comment as im looking to join.

Folklore and ff tactics for psp are coming soon.

some other stuff probably happend since i last posted as well.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full moon podcastedness

Full moon podcast,
hands off by sony
very good insight into a developer's ideas around the gameing world around them

if your like me, and this is a carrer possibility, its actually kinda informative.


halo 3 rocks socks, not as good as every one says, still completly over hyped, but still really good. If you think Resistance is better then halo 2, which it is, halo 3 is better. There is still some stuff i like in Resistance better, just a few stuff but im not gonna go into detail.

some info about halo 3 you might wanna know
-battle rifle isn't as good
-grenades and beat downs seems to be allot stronger
-Sword is slower, seems to be more tactical, but not nearly as good as in H2
-you seem to die faster
-Some stuff,(flame thrower, beatdowns, shotgun, (if used right) assult rifle) are kinda over powerd
-the x button weapons, (sheild drainer, bubble sheild, ect) seemed a little tacced on.

Any who, if you were on the fence about halo 3, i dont know why you would be, Its COMPLETLY OVER HYPED, don't even fucking argue its not, its not as good as every one makes it out to be, not at all. but its still a great game, super fun, the best console fps? arguably yes.

new mgs stuff online played, game played, many videos, yes! new trailer looks awesome. if any game well top halo in the near future, its probably going to be this.

tgs is over, some other boring shit happend.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Goal to reach before the end of the year

OK! Halo is coming out tommorow at midnight launch thingy, im sure millions well go, hell if i had 500 bucks extra cash, even id go and buy a 360! ( hopefully i can maybe afford one for mass effect, cause im not a fan of halo, but mass effect looks like the sex) FF13 was confirmed a ps3 exclusive, which i didnt even think they needed to. Skate also is coming to the ps3 tommorow, very good game, better on the 360, but still good on ps3. Folklore and fftactics for psp are both going to be here oct 9th, both games to look out for. Dualshock 3 is coming sometime spring for us and canada and ect... Home was delayed, Little big planet still looks awesome, mgs4 online looks to be a huge success, following in a more tactic team based mode then gears of war. Socom confrontation and killzone 2 were both absent from tgs, probably too american for the japanese market. No price drop for ps3 or 40gig model have been confirmed, YET.

Ok, thats the update, and for the real reason of this post. Im going to get together a couple company's, see which one you guys wan't to hear from, and then try to ask em a couple questions that you guys wan't to know. Email, phone, what have you, the point i want to try and do, is maybe get an exslusive anouncment, and start getting some cred to the blog. SO! nominate away! please do!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

thank godness

skate demo hit the ps3 today, im pretty happy, its mid-download now, hopefully i can get a session off before work, also, new locoroco game hit the psn, but personally, im skeptical about it, so im going to wait till ign or gamespot rates it before the purchace. Apparently it isnt as good as the psp one? who knows. Any who, two new mgs things, well 3 if your kinda' out of the loop, one, playable demo at tgs, apparently the game is the most kickass of em all, new online trailer, looks very awesome via a teambase system. As in, if your enemy get knocked out, or yells for help loudly, you well be alerted from where this is happening, IF, you synch up via some sort of shockwave thing, very cool, apparently it plays very good too. Lastly is the day or two old tgs trailer for said mgs4.

Don't forget, Halo on the 25th, Folklore on Oct 9th(as well as as ff lions war for psp) and phantom hourglass drops soon, don't know the date.

thats the update pretty much for this week. Just keep hitting those links on the right there and get all your info via people who are payed to do this!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

new stuff

sony's tgs keynote has kicked off, much goodness involved.
New mgs4 trailer, fantatastic one at that,
* i have to add, metal gear rex vs metal gear ray = the most epic thing ive ever seen.

its my favorite video so far, its soooo coool /drool. Im such a mgs fanboy >.< ( thats mgs, mga wasnt very good)

Also, the halo 3 beleive commercial, uber cool. Youtube em' both, mgs and halo, 2 of the best shooters eva!

2 things...

first off, thanks for being almost a year late on rumble, sony assholes

and secondly, nintendo doesnt go to tgs really, so who ever voted for em' lol to you

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Konami is king

awesome tgs line up, seems like konami is the booth to see for third party stuff this tgs

see link here?!?!
Konami line up.

zomg i r expert at html lol

Halo hype

well, the hype machine seems to be slowing down a bit. It's still there, just its not climbing anymore. Id say the hype is kind of hurting the game tho, either its going to make a lot of people feel the game doesnt live up to its expectations, or, just make people sick and tired of hearing about the damned game. Of course, the number of people that this aplies to, is obviously heavily outweighed by the number of people that are going to buy the game, september 25, 07, at 12:01. Personally, i dont get why its so hyped. I mean, don't get me wrong, its a solid title, but, its not the be all end all shooter people really make it out to be. Another thought, is, well the 3rd burnout was when they really got it right, the third metal gear, was amazingly well done, arguably the best, so the third halo, could be that perfect 10 outa 10 game. Im excited a bit for it, not having a 360 or planning to buy one, its as excited as i can be.

Im still going to buy skate on the 25th, (lol)

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slow weekend,... for anouncments that is

Well, heavenly sword was a success, a short one, but one indeed, im going in my second play threw, which should be fun enough. Kai is the coolest character ever. Anywho, the only realy kinda cool thing, i guess, was the ninja gaiden 2 video. TBH, it sucked, it looks just like a small graphical improvment on sigma, with like 1 new dash move, and a new-ish weapon ( a scythe thing). It would have be awesome to see something NEW to the game, ( like how god of war 2 showed the pegasus) but hey, cant have success in every game. The game is no longer tecmo, and team ninja isnt as fully involved, so the entire game could go haywire, but probably not. ANYWHO. thats all for this week.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anticipate this!

This weeks Anticipate this, which i just made up, live with it! any who, what i'll do, is what even wins the poll, ill go to a site, probably ign, and pull up a article about the game, with this poll, it was pretty easy to find said article, since there is so many, so here is generally where you can veiw a large selection of em'

halo 3 :
Metal Gear Solid 4 :

(hyper link is broken??? so just copy and paste it)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heavenly sword

Ah Heavenly sword, its title speaks the very name of its bad assery. Heavenly, the games beauty is unmatched and unrivaled on any console. Seriously, this game, in my so very professional opinion, looks better, not by much, but better then gears of war. Well, so did lair, but i don't like to talk about that game that much. (shudders**) But the Mo-Cap, V-O, Graphics, and to an extent the presentation and sound are all top notch.

The Sword is a stron part in the game, almost a character within itself. It delivers a stellar gameplay experience, although no jump and pressing nothing to block is kinda odd, but its still good, once you get used to it. But the 3 different styles allow almost your own unique way of killing a enemy.

This game, reminds me why i bought a ps3. Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, this game seems to have it all, not to say it has no faults. The big one, just like lair was for me, was that its super short, apparrently. I don't know as i havent beaten it, ill wait to see. Even if length of a game is your thing, this game IS worth picking up, its 10 bucks cheaper then most too. (59.99 as compared to the seem-to-be norm of 69.99)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ps3 kicks back

previously exlusive titles, devilmaycry 4, resident evil 5, and probably some more, have headed the x-box, ps3 way. ( sorry wii ) After '07 E3, sony decided to kick back, with then announced timed exclusive haze, now purely a ps3 title, and the timed exclusive, ut 3 or 07 or w.e its called, i dont care too much about ut. Any who, i was browsing kotaku, and i stumbled onto this little gem of a game, eternal sonata, a game i was interested in for the 360, some how managed to come to the ps3 as well. As you mite know, i only have a ps3, although i might get a 360 sometime, if i ever decide that halo 3 and mass effect alone are good enough to own a console, but erternal sonata, which i never knew much about always looked cool, now, it looks a little cooler. Bioshock 2, gears 2, mass effect, comon' over to the sony side! (ya right, but i could always hope)

Monday, September 10, 2007

PS3 update v1.9013895619384

the title is just a joke, if you don't get it, clearly you don't own a psp or ps3, good for you if you don't. The point is, lair sucks, so i sold it, warhawk is good, nono, great, so i kept it. I thought i'd let the internets know. Im starting to get pretty good at warhawk, im only a wingman, if i could figure out how the hell the ranking system works, or if its still bugged id be higher up, but no matter how hard and how good i do, i never rank up. Ah well. So, if any out there is going to take my opnion, or want's a second opinion, don't buy lair, i mean, its worth playing, its probably the best looking next gen game ever. The sound is some of the best stuff ive ever heard. I read some where, and they put it best, lair is a great game to watch, not so much to play.

Ya i know, my perception on lair totally changed, but hey, its a free country, i can change my idears when i want's to. Soo, before i go on any longer, rent lair, its worth the play, Buy warhawk, its worth the stay... or something.

i guess ill keep on going with the pics, here is a random pic of the big MC from some sort of holo..... hilo....hato...... some game... i can't remember, apparently like it sold 1000 copies in a day. i hear its pretty good.

casual weekday gaming

back in school mean less gaming for me at least ( especially seeing as i don't play WoW anymore). But, with a new psp comes some good ol' portable gaming, a few hours here and there. Any way, i picked up Jean D'arc for said psp, and its pretty good. Anime cut scenes are slick, in game graphics are o.k, and its a all around good tactic game. Not better then fire emblem, hell, not even close, that game is even better then final fantasy tactics in my opinion, but that well probably change when lion war is out... some time in October, don't quote me on that, but yeah. Here is a pick of Jean D'arc. What are you playing this week?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

ff crisis core opening movie

new vid, really cool, im bored, enjoy

new psp

so i got the new psp 2k1, its pretty good. Opening it up, you realize how light the dam thing really is, its like holding a peice of paper in your hand! Seriously, the system itself is hardly heavier then the freaking battery. The battery tho, being the worst part, has improved load times, but the new battery they give you has about the same as the old psp. So pop in the new battery, ( kinda ruins the athstetics of the new one) The athstetics is nice, really, erverything is extreamly compact into the psp, its all good. Infact its great, if you dont have a psp, or like me, your old one was broken, go out, and buy this one! My psp had broke along time ago, and i remember why i bought one after getting this one. Plus if you get it now, you can show people your shiny silver psp, most people only ever seeing a black one, should be impressed! :D good work sony!

Friday, September 7, 2007



games for suppe.... lunch...

Not much going on today, im going to head over to the mall soon to pick up a new psp. I just thought i'd mention this really cool site some one is doing called games for lunch. Pretty much one guy is playing a game, detailing what hes doing differnt every minute, for one hour, and in the end, telling you if he would play it for more then an hour, and why. Cool site, go check it out.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

psp2k outk?

apparently the awsome people's at kotaku decided to tell me that the daxter pack for w/ the new psp2k is out. lolerskates! who knew. anywho, ill probably be picking my up soon and what not. Mines been broken for a while now, and since i don't play my ds, which i intend to sell, that'll be my funds.

PS: kotaku, sends me some trafic to my blog! so's i can's get's into's the next's e3's

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Call of almost awesome...4...?

So infinity ward, in all there wisdom, decided to make the beta for CoD4(call of duty 4) a pick and choose instead of a first come first serve, to decide who gets in. So, seeing as i dont have a xbox360, i put in a application to get in the beta. Lo and behold, i get in the beta. The next day, i go to a freinds house, he seems eger to play it ( Maybe a bit jealous that i got in). Loaded it up, and i got to say, its more of call of duty, just modern. Not a bad thing, but not a great thing either. The game is fast paced and at times, extremely hectic. Cover and persision seem more at place in this installment, as some of the perks are a little unbalanced, so starting the game, people can light you up pretty fast, leaving you dazed and confused. But then, the coolest feature comes in when you die, the kill cam.

The kill cam comes in right after you die. Giving you 3 or 4 seconds of the enemies vision, and how you got killed, very neat, and actually useful. It shows that, the jerk who just killed you threw a wall, was really a guy way behind you, you didn't even see. You respawn, with disapointment in my mind, due to the fact, i found no way to change a weapon at respawn. You better dash to a new weapon right? well, yes... sort of.... you can only sprint for a while, and there is no sprint metre on board. Well, if your rank 11 in the game, im sure there is no need to get a weapon, because you probably have a sniper scope on your m4a1, with a 203 on it as well.

Other then those few complaints, there are a few smaller ones, but not worth noting really. The game is thus far the best CoD ive played, which is all of em cept 3. The game is on par, if not slighty worse then warhawk in my opinion. The game is deffintaly worth the play, the buy however, im still undecided, which means i probably won't buy it.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

lair lair pants on fire

So lair came out, to much negative publicity, but i have got to say, its really fun. I dont know about what game ign or gamespot were playing, because my copy of lair has good control via the sixaxis and the lock on feauture almost always works for what i want. Graphics arent exactly what i wanted them to be, but still good. FYI, ign gave lair a 4.9, gamespot a 4.5, edge gave it a 7.6, myself, id be around the same as edge, maybe a little higher even.

On another note, warhawk is really fun, which i now own, and im, suffice to say, dam good at it! :D The only thing is, the whole online rank thing if full of holes and glitches, and im still not sure how it works. Ive pwned well over 50 games already and yet to rank up. If any one else knows about the rank up system, cause i just cant figure it out, tell me please. Unless the game demotes me to recruit again for no reason, then im still cheif seargent. Ive been in the game and it told me i ranked up but it hasnt gone threw, and my profile hasnt been updated for sept 1st yet, so im confused!