Saturday, September 8, 2007

new psp

so i got the new psp 2k1, its pretty good. Opening it up, you realize how light the dam thing really is, its like holding a peice of paper in your hand! Seriously, the system itself is hardly heavier then the freaking battery. The battery tho, being the worst part, has improved load times, but the new battery they give you has about the same as the old psp. So pop in the new battery, ( kinda ruins the athstetics of the new one) The athstetics is nice, really, erverything is extreamly compact into the psp, its all good. Infact its great, if you dont have a psp, or like me, your old one was broken, go out, and buy this one! My psp had broke along time ago, and i remember why i bought one after getting this one. Plus if you get it now, you can show people your shiny silver psp, most people only ever seeing a black one, should be impressed! :D good work sony!