Thursday, September 20, 2007

thank godness

skate demo hit the ps3 today, im pretty happy, its mid-download now, hopefully i can get a session off before work, also, new locoroco game hit the psn, but personally, im skeptical about it, so im going to wait till ign or gamespot rates it before the purchace. Apparently it isnt as good as the psp one? who knows. Any who, two new mgs things, well 3 if your kinda' out of the loop, one, playable demo at tgs, apparently the game is the most kickass of em all, new online trailer, looks very awesome via a teambase system. As in, if your enemy get knocked out, or yells for help loudly, you well be alerted from where this is happening, IF, you synch up via some sort of shockwave thing, very cool, apparently it plays very good too. Lastly is the day or two old tgs trailer for said mgs4.

Don't forget, Halo on the 25th, Folklore on Oct 9th(as well as as ff lions war for psp) and phantom hourglass drops soon, don't know the date.

thats the update pretty much for this week. Just keep hitting those links on the right there and get all your info via people who are payed to do this!