Sunday, September 23, 2007

Goal to reach before the end of the year

OK! Halo is coming out tommorow at midnight launch thingy, im sure millions well go, hell if i had 500 bucks extra cash, even id go and buy a 360! ( hopefully i can maybe afford one for mass effect, cause im not a fan of halo, but mass effect looks like the sex) FF13 was confirmed a ps3 exclusive, which i didnt even think they needed to. Skate also is coming to the ps3 tommorow, very good game, better on the 360, but still good on ps3. Folklore and fftactics for psp are both going to be here oct 9th, both games to look out for. Dualshock 3 is coming sometime spring for us and canada and ect... Home was delayed, Little big planet still looks awesome, mgs4 online looks to be a huge success, following in a more tactic team based mode then gears of war. Socom confrontation and killzone 2 were both absent from tgs, probably too american for the japanese market. No price drop for ps3 or 40gig model have been confirmed, YET.

Ok, thats the update, and for the real reason of this post. Im going to get together a couple company's, see which one you guys wan't to hear from, and then try to ask em a couple questions that you guys wan't to know. Email, phone, what have you, the point i want to try and do, is maybe get an exslusive anouncment, and start getting some cred to the blog. SO! nominate away! please do!

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