Thursday, September 27, 2007

Full moon podcastedness

Full moon podcast,
hands off by sony
very good insight into a developer's ideas around the gameing world around them

if your like me, and this is a carrer possibility, its actually kinda informative.


halo 3 rocks socks, not as good as every one says, still completly over hyped, but still really good. If you think Resistance is better then halo 2, which it is, halo 3 is better. There is still some stuff i like in Resistance better, just a few stuff but im not gonna go into detail.

some info about halo 3 you might wanna know
-battle rifle isn't as good
-grenades and beat downs seems to be allot stronger
-Sword is slower, seems to be more tactical, but not nearly as good as in H2
-you seem to die faster
-Some stuff,(flame thrower, beatdowns, shotgun, (if used right) assult rifle) are kinda over powerd
-the x button weapons, (sheild drainer, bubble sheild, ect) seemed a little tacced on.

Any who, if you were on the fence about halo 3, i dont know why you would be, Its COMPLETLY OVER HYPED, don't even fucking argue its not, its not as good as every one makes it out to be, not at all. but its still a great game, super fun, the best console fps? arguably yes.

new mgs stuff online played, game played, many videos, yes! new trailer looks awesome. if any game well top halo in the near future, its probably going to be this.

tgs is over, some other boring shit happend.

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Anonymous said...

Finally I figured out how to comment on your shitty blog! Halo 3 was not completely overhyped at all, how can you even say that? It is going to be the best game for a pretty long time. And it was an amazing end to an amazing trilogy, but thats all ill say about H3. And what the fuck is Uncharted Drakes Fortune? why is that even on the list....oh wait because its for ps3. Some shitty Wii game? are you fucking shitting me? Are you forgetting a game thats going to blow all of those except H3 out of the water, its called Super Smash Brothers Brawl and it comes out December 3rd 2007. Hmmm why am i now surprised that 3/8 (+1 multi platformer) are all games on the PS3 which didnt get like any hype but they are only there because you dont want to push other good games that came out this year, like MP3 Corruption, Crysis, and the orange box just for examples