Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pick of the month

Starting now,
Pick of the month, one game that stands out above the rest
another thats well worth looking at
and a third party title (if one is not the top pick) that deserves a play

Winner is......


The big
The Mean
The awesome machine that is halo 3, can there be anyother in a month where this is released
A solid end to a Solid franchise is a yes.
A great buy is a yes
great multiplayer, good campagin, ok graphics
this game could have been a 2d side scroller and still sold due to over hypedness, but hey, its good. Im just tired of talking about it, SO LET IT BE KNOWN, THIS IS MY LAST POST FOCUSING ON HALO

another good title to note
Heavenly sword for the ps3

The third party title of the month
skate for the 360 and the ps3

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