Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ps3 kicks back

previously exlusive titles, devilmaycry 4, resident evil 5, and probably some more, have headed the x-box, ps3 way. ( sorry wii ) After '07 E3, sony decided to kick back, with then announced timed exclusive haze, now purely a ps3 title, and the timed exclusive, ut 3 or 07 or w.e its called, i dont care too much about ut. Any who, i was browsing kotaku, and i stumbled onto this little gem of a game, eternal sonata, a game i was interested in for the 360, some how managed to come to the ps3 as well. As you mite know, i only have a ps3, although i might get a 360 sometime, if i ever decide that halo 3 and mass effect alone are good enough to own a console, but erternal sonata, which i never knew much about always looked cool, now, it looks a little cooler. Bioshock 2, gears 2, mass effect, comon' over to the sony side! (ya right, but i could always hope)

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