Thursday, September 13, 2007

Heavenly sword

Ah Heavenly sword, its title speaks the very name of its bad assery. Heavenly, the games beauty is unmatched and unrivaled on any console. Seriously, this game, in my so very professional opinion, looks better, not by much, but better then gears of war. Well, so did lair, but i don't like to talk about that game that much. (shudders**) But the Mo-Cap, V-O, Graphics, and to an extent the presentation and sound are all top notch.

The Sword is a stron part in the game, almost a character within itself. It delivers a stellar gameplay experience, although no jump and pressing nothing to block is kinda odd, but its still good, once you get used to it. But the 3 different styles allow almost your own unique way of killing a enemy.

This game, reminds me why i bought a ps3. Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, this game seems to have it all, not to say it has no faults. The big one, just like lair was for me, was that its super short, apparrently. I don't know as i havent beaten it, ill wait to see. Even if length of a game is your thing, this game IS worth picking up, its 10 bucks cheaper then most too. (59.99 as compared to the seem-to-be norm of 69.99)

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