Saturday, September 1, 2007

lair lair pants on fire

So lair came out, to much negative publicity, but i have got to say, its really fun. I dont know about what game ign or gamespot were playing, because my copy of lair has good control via the sixaxis and the lock on feauture almost always works for what i want. Graphics arent exactly what i wanted them to be, but still good. FYI, ign gave lair a 4.9, gamespot a 4.5, edge gave it a 7.6, myself, id be around the same as edge, maybe a little higher even.

On another note, warhawk is really fun, which i now own, and im, suffice to say, dam good at it! :D The only thing is, the whole online rank thing if full of holes and glitches, and im still not sure how it works. Ive pwned well over 50 games already and yet to rank up. If any one else knows about the rank up system, cause i just cant figure it out, tell me please. Unless the game demotes me to recruit again for no reason, then im still cheif seargent. Ive been in the game and it told me i ranked up but it hasnt gone threw, and my profile hasnt been updated for sept 1st yet, so im confused!

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