Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Call of almost awesome...4...?

So infinity ward, in all there wisdom, decided to make the beta for CoD4(call of duty 4) a pick and choose instead of a first come first serve, to decide who gets in. So, seeing as i dont have a xbox360, i put in a application to get in the beta. Lo and behold, i get in the beta. The next day, i go to a freinds house, he seems eger to play it ( Maybe a bit jealous that i got in). Loaded it up, and i got to say, its more of call of duty, just modern. Not a bad thing, but not a great thing either. The game is fast paced and at times, extremely hectic. Cover and persision seem more at place in this installment, as some of the perks are a little unbalanced, so starting the game, people can light you up pretty fast, leaving you dazed and confused. But then, the coolest feature comes in when you die, the kill cam.

The kill cam comes in right after you die. Giving you 3 or 4 seconds of the enemies vision, and how you got killed, very neat, and actually useful. It shows that, the jerk who just killed you threw a wall, was really a guy way behind you, you didn't even see. You respawn, with disapointment in my mind, due to the fact, i found no way to change a weapon at respawn. You better dash to a new weapon right? well, yes... sort of.... you can only sprint for a while, and there is no sprint metre on board. Well, if your rank 11 in the game, im sure there is no need to get a weapon, because you probably have a sniper scope on your m4a1, with a 203 on it as well.

Other then those few complaints, there are a few smaller ones, but not worth noting really. The game is thus far the best CoD ive played, which is all of em cept 3. The game is on par, if not slighty worse then warhawk in my opinion. The game is deffintaly worth the play, the buy however, im still undecided, which means i probably won't buy it.

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