Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Halo hype

well, the hype machine seems to be slowing down a bit. It's still there, just its not climbing anymore. Id say the hype is kind of hurting the game tho, either its going to make a lot of people feel the game doesnt live up to its expectations, or, just make people sick and tired of hearing about the damned game. Of course, the number of people that this aplies to, is obviously heavily outweighed by the number of people that are going to buy the game, september 25, 07, at 12:01. Personally, i dont get why its so hyped. I mean, don't get me wrong, its a solid title, but, its not the be all end all shooter people really make it out to be. Another thought, is, well the 3rd burnout was when they really got it right, the third metal gear, was amazingly well done, arguably the best, so the third halo, could be that perfect 10 outa 10 game. Im excited a bit for it, not having a 360 or planning to buy one, its as excited as i can be.

Im still going to buy skate on the 25th, (lol)

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