Monday, October 22, 2007

the synopsis of the 40gb ps3, and sony's holiday thought

ok, so by now, im sure your aware of the 40gb ps3, or at least aware of the ps3's multiple sku line up.
First, there was the 20gb, a lesser model of the 60gb, taking away the wireless internet capabilities, and memory card slots, for a slashed price at launch. However now the 20gb, offerd from many retailers at around 370 bucks, seems like a ok deal.

Now, the big sister to this, but still the little sister to the full featured 80gb model, is the 40gb. The 40gb gives you your wireless enter-nets, but still no memory card functionallity, and, heres the kicker
no ps2 backwards compatability
and here is where it gets wtf
full ps1 backwards compatability.

the 40gb ps3 is offered, at a market competetive price, of 399.99, obviously to compete with the 360 for the holiday. With this, is also a 100 dollar price cut for the ps3 80gb sku.
Allegedly, there is going to be a drop on the ps2 price to 90 dollars as well for the holiday.

So here is how i see things. They are giving you a great entry level price, to get the most advanced next gen system on the market. However, sony knows that the ps2 is running on its last few years, and this, to me, seems like a move, to keep people buying ps2's so the sales stay strong.

Sysnopsis, copmlete!
Sysnopsis is not a type, its a word i just made up..... yea

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