Saturday, October 6, 2007

sony stabs your wallet, at the cost of making them selves look like retards

To every one who has a "next-gen" console, ps3 isnt probably the one you have. Chances are infact, you either have a ps2, or a 360. If you have a ps2, your probably looking to get a ps3, but so far, they have been a: too expensive, and b: not enough games that are good to get one.
well, good news!
A: new ps3 sku, 40gb, pretty much fuse the 60 and 20 together, and you get the picture, its got hdmi, and wifi, but no card slots, and only 2 usb ports, (2? why? dunno?) and oddly enough no fucking backwards compatability..... the cost, a very reasonable 399.99 The point of this is, if you are a sony fan, like myself, well, this seems to be the best way to jump into next gen.

B: ratchet, EOJ, Guitarhero 3, Uncharted, Folklore, Assassins creed, call of duty 4, while these titles are not all first party, where you can get them on the 360, its still a good reason to get next gen.

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