Friday, October 5, 2007

bungie confirms they are jerks... kinda

bungie confirmed they are no longer one with MS. But said things like " oh i love ms, they rock, and are very nice to us ect ect, all bs ive already heard from david jaffe) (PS: if you don't know who david jaffe is, your out of the loop) ANYWAY, bungie pretty much said they plan to make games for the 360, cause they claim they are signing / signed a contract or something along the lines of that with ms. So, 360 fans, do not be afraid, all this really means in the long run is pretty much 3 things.

1. Halo well probably take longer to make, cause bungie sets there own deadlines now.
2. Longer breaks between development periods (ie halo 3 - halo 4)
3. Less chance of external expansion (ie: no random studio in germany for no reason to develope a game)

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