Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mgs 4 is out!!!!!(and dbz: burst limit)

well, its out now, and i gotta say, its deffinatly in the top 10, maybe even top 5 of best games ever, for me at least. I still have gta4, and a bunch of psp games to beat. Not to mention the story of halo3 and cod4 to playthrew, but... i mean... mgs4! For thoze who need a little refresher. Mgs4 is a steal action game, where you play as legendary super soilder snake threw various scenes. The game has the most cenimatic story telling ever. But in all honesty, i don't know if i like this game better then mgs3.... Im hardly into 4 right now, but mgs3 was my first mgs, and it was like having sex for the first time.

Also, maybe as exciting to some of you, DBZ: burst limit came out 2 days ago. Im not sure on the game yet, but i really want a fighting game to play, to hold me until soul calibur 4, and street fighter 4 as well.

Well, thats all thats important, mgs4.

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